The TapOne App puts our security solution directly into the hands of our members. By providing personal security, we implicitly protect society in general. The technology is as trusted as the members smartphone, and goes with them wherever they go. TapOne is the start of the "#1 GLOBAL SOCIAL GPS AUDIO AND VIDEO PROTECTION NETWORK". We "ENABLE SECURITY ANYWHERE" to allow members to break through physical boundaries, responding wherever they go.

What we do

How it works

Download the TapOne App, generate your profile and record your TapOne Safety Word. This is required to easily activate your Alarm System. Even if your phone is placed inside your pocket, purse or jacket. No need to call for emergency, write a msg or press a button. With TapOne you set up your social GPS audio and video protection network. A system of global defense against violence with a mix of friends, social media contacts, TapOne teams and members and/or family members. Select as many helpers as you want. The hint, also other TapOne members within a chosen radius will get a notification once you activated your alarm by activating your social GPS audio and video protection network using your voice. With one word, you give your entire protection network group a noticication of any unwanted excitement. All nearby users and selected friends will get an automatic alarm notification with all the needed information with your location, phone number of the nearest police station or ambulance and more. If you activated the alarm your friends and nearby members are invited to talk to each other via a private text and voice chat messenger. Just keep your GPS ON at all time once your profile is ready. The App runs in the background. All you need to remember is your TapOne Safety Word.

Get Help

Just say your TapOne Safety Word and via GPS, Wi-Fi and LBS/GSM plus live audio and video transmission and private TapOne messenger system we, your contacts and other members can communicate and receive your emergency location within seconds to send help as fast as possible. Every TapOne member inside your radius and every selected contact will get a text and audio notification alarm on their smartphone once you activated your alarm.

TapOne 24/7 Protection and Evidence

Audio and video are automatically recorded and saved via our TapOne servers for evidence. If no nearby members or contacts respond fast enough, the nearest police station or ambulance will be informed by our TapOne emergency system. We keep track until help has arrived.

About Us

The Team

Hannes Mohamed born Nordmann

CEO and development director

Aleyna Khatib

Chief information security officer

Matayo "Slim" Mganda

CFO and Executive director

About TapOne

In 2016, Hannes Mohamed founded the SocialOrbit KG in Oldenburg, Germany. With TapSecure and TapOne Hannes Mohamed is putting the „simple“ ethos of providing the best possible personal safety service by utilizing new mobile technology. Since 2019, the main focus is TapOne were CEO Hannes Mohamed and a small but dedicated international team with strong values and ethics genuinely want to help keep you safe. The service was created from the ground up created with our users in mind, by always focusing on safety and simplicity, ensuring that TapOne can be used in stressful situations such as being attacked. As a company, we believe that everyone has the right to be protected from harm at anytime and anywhere and that anyone doing harm to others should be found and prosecuted. We understand that there is nothing more precious to you than your family and friends but also work on soulutions for your business and governments. TapOne ensures that help is never far away, by enabling your smart phone to act as an advanced personal alarm, alerting both your emergency contacts to your situation. We protect our future and our freedom to enjoy the good feeling of peace wherever we are in the world.

Our Skills

Personal Security Network

Smart mobile evidence collection in case of a crime


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